Why should I use your website?

1. You can teach to up to 10 students at time.

2. Eloorn has a scheduler and meeting management system

3. The conference system is designed for teaching - not just for talking.

4. It's free!

Can I teach People Around the World?

Yes. We use UTC time. That means that when you make a lesson, it is given and posted in UTC time. It is your job, to create and enter the lesson on your own time zone. A lesson made for 3pm... will start at 3pm on UTC time.

Can I apply to be a Teacher with Eloorn?

No. At this time, Eloorn only offers a teaching tool for teachers with their own students. You need to have your own students.

Does the system work on any computer?

No. The conference system we use works on all systems except Apple. It does not work on Apple systems. We hope that this will be fixed in the future.

Does the system need anything to work?

Yes. The conference system uses Adobe Flash. Get Adobe Flash This is currently once of the most used video playing systems in the world and needs to be on all video conferencing participants.

Do students need to register?

Yes, at this time, students need to register to keep our server demand low (again from robots). We may remove that option in the future.

How much does it cost to use?

Right now, it is free. However, we will probably put up a minimal paywall ($2 for unlimited use) at a later time to reduce robot registrations.

Is your site ready for use?

Eloorn is certainly ready to be tested by customers. But, is still in Beta test mode.

When will the next release be?

Our next system release is scheduled for early September. Beta v.2 will be student centric and will have pay 'Learn' and paid 'Teach' options.

Any final suggestions?

Yes, please test the system once as a teacher and student before trying live teach. Lastly, check that you and your student have Adobe Flash Get Adobe Flash installed before your class. Happy Teaching!

Beta Test v.1.1 Copyright Eloorn @ 2017